Internships for Academic Credit

Internships are considered part of the academic learning process for many majors at Walla Walla University. An experiential learning experience is a great way to develop specific skills and knowledge, as well as make contacts and build confidence. Employers often assess the skills and abilities of prospective employees by evaluating their previous experiences. If you pursue career-related opportunities prior to graduation, you will have an edge over other candidates in a competitive job market. 

Interested in Local Internships?

Check out the Local Internship Opportunities webpage to explore available internships in the Walla Walla Valley, across many disciplines.  New Opportunities are being added daily.


International Student Internships and Employment

Check out the International Student Internships and Employment webpage to learn about visas, types of employment, internships and other important information regarding international students working in the United States. 

Ready to Register Your Internship?

If you have secured an internship and wish to register it for academic credit, please follow the steps below.

Connect with your advisor to get their approval for your internship. You will need to confirm that your internship will meet academic standards for your degree, and you'll also need to know which course you will be registering for (Ex. ACCT 490), and for how many credits you will register.

Complete your Handshake profile.

Contact Danielle Setniker at the Student Development Center to arrange a brief orientation to the internship registration process.

Upon successful enrollment, refer to D2L for specific course completion requirements. School of Business students will use the Business Intenships site, not D2L.

Know of a great internship opportunity?

Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni; know of a great internship opportunity that we do not have listed here? Please let the Student Development Center know by emailing