Custodial Department


The Custodial Department cleans the buildings on Walla Walla University's College Place Campus, including the dormitories, cleans exterior windows on a three-year rotations, and facilitates lost and found items around the WWU campus.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the cleaning of a building, please call (509) 527-2162 or email

Work for custodial

With approximately 80 employees during the school year, the Custodial Department is able to provide many students with job opportunities. Students working for this department enjoy a flexible work schedule, typically afternoon or evening hours, which is conducive for academic pursuits.

Custodial workers are assigned to crews ranging from three to eight students each. Every crew has a designated area and supervisor, either staff or students, who is responsible for overseeing that area.

To apply:

  • Ask the Student Employment ( or call (509) 527-2357) to send us a copy of the Student Employment Application.
  • We would love to meet you and explore the possibility of working together! Stop by our office with a copy of your current class schedule.

Lost and found

Stop by the office to inquire about your lost item. Our office hours are from 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday. We facilitate the process only for items that are brought to us. Not all lost and found items will necessarily be brought to our office.

Some helpful hints:

  • It sometimes takes a few days (or even weeks) for lost items to find their way to us. If we don't have your item, feel free to check back from time to time. Some buildings keep their own lost and found, which may be brought to us in bulk at random times of year.
  • If you left an item in a class or academic building, check with the instructor of that class or with nearby department offices in that building.
  • ID cards are often taken to the front desk of the appropriate residence hall.
  • Keys that have inscribed numbers are surrendered to the Campus Security Office 527- 2222

Floor care

You may submit a request for deep cleaning or stain removal for a floor/carpet/upholstery by sending a detailed note to Our Floor Care Supervisor will respond to the your request at their earliest convenience. If your request is urgent, you may also call the office at (509) 527-2162 to ensure your message has been received.