Grow in your walk with God

Here at Walla Walla University you have the opportunity to grow in your walk with God through support from the Chaplain's Office, the University Church, the School of Theology, and caring faculty and staff. You'll experience genuine community and interactions with others who are on a similar spiritual journey. Campus Ministries supports a variety of student-led worship opportunities each week, and we would love to help you find a place to connect and get involved! Reach out to one of the campus chaplains or anyone on our student leadership team to find out more.

Weekly worship opportunities

Every week on our campus there are many opportunities to encounter Jesus in worship. Whether you prefer a contemporary style or a more traditional setting—there are options to fit your unique experience. Try them all to find what helps you best connect with God. 

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Become a leader

Campus Ministries leadership is an exciting, year-long opportunity, to learn important skills and develop your gifts in leadership. Plan events, reach out to faculty, staff, students, and help influence the spiritual life program at Walla Walla University by applying for a leadership position. During your year in leadership, you'll receive leadership development, mentoring, and the room to grow your natural leadership strengths. Being part of our team is a great way to get involved with campus life and create a fulfilling college experience.

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Serve others

Generosity in service is a core value at WWU. Giving time and attention to the causes that matter most to you can bring happiness, relieve stress, and create a better community for everyone to enjoy. Students at WWU volunteer for organizations such as the Blue Mountain Humane Society, the Christian Aid Center, and Amnesty International. You'll find ways to grow your faith through community service  through the Center for Humanitarian Engagement.

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Campus Ministries team

More than 40 students lead small-group Bible studies, organize student churches, speak for weekly worships, coordinate vespers programming, assemble volunteers to help with needs in our community, arrange wellness events, do the behind the scenes audio and visual work for worship gatherings, maintain our website, and design promotional materials for our events. Being part of our team is a great way to get involved with campus life and create a fulfilling college experience. 

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